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...Home raised wi‚Äčth love



F1 Mini Bernedoodles

Betsy (Black Ears) Is very sweet and loves to play but calm also be calm and snuggle. She has a nice temperament and plays with me and my kids every day. She has black ears and blocky features with a white tipped tail and brown points on her back legs, under her tail, and under her ears. Her eyes are a dark bluish green.

Love (White Ears) is also very sweet. She is just what her name says and wants to be right by your side. She likes to come lay with you or climb into your lap. She enjoys playing with me and my kids and is such a snuggler. She has a beautiful blocky head, white tipped tail, brown points under her tail, under her ears, and on her back legs.

Mini Goldendoodle Reservation List

Poppy is planning to have a litter early spring 2023.

If you would like to be on the reservation list please contact us.

*Breeder reserves the right to the first choice should we choose to keep a puppy. *

1. Breeder's choice

2. Reservation Available

3. Reservation Available

4. Reservation Available

5. Reservation Available