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...Home raised wi‚Äčth love


Poppy & Buddy

Born March 26, 2020 Ready for homes May 21, 2020.

All puppies have found their forever homes!


Poppy is sweet and loves to cuddle in our laps. She can also hold her own against her larger fury friends. She weighs 28#. 

Dream Weaver's

Fantasy Ring-O-Fire


Buddy has a sweet disposition and considers himself a lap dog as well. Buddy weighs 16#'s. AKC Registered.

Reservation List

1. J. Mitchell - Natalie

2. Petroci - Dawson

3. C. Johnson - Westin

4. C. Bakely - Whitney

5. H. Foss - Sven

Seven Weeks Old

Six Weeks Old

Puppies are feeling more at home in their new pen. They're starting to go potty in the grass. Hopefully we'll be improving on that this week. Cold weather keeps them hanging out inside so it's been a bit challenging. 

Five Weeks Old

Lots of changes...We moved to our big puppy pen that has access to a nice fenced grassy area to play in. We're now eating some puppy food as it's time for mom to start weening us.

Four Weeks Old

This week we've become more playful. It's almost time to be introduced to our new pen and some puppy food...but we're waiting for the weather to warm up.

Three Weeks Old

Puppies eyes are open. They're walking fairly well and beginning to play with one another. Poppy's being a very attentive mother. :)  

Two Weeks old

Puppies eyes are starting to open and they're crawling around on their bellies.

One Week Old

We just eat and sleep and eat and sleep...getting nice and plump! :)

Puppies arrived 3/26/20!

3 days old