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Grandview Goldendoodles

Home raised wi​th love


The Parents

Fiero is quiet and reserved, but looks for any opportunity to snuggle up and love on the nearest person. His favorite thing is long walks around the farm. When he isn't loving on someone or out walking he loves to sit and observe what's going on around him with his front feet crossed contently in front of him. He's attentive to his surroundings and has a dignified manner in whatever he does.

Fiero's hip certification

Mother Lily -Retired

Lily has a sweet disposition is very affectionate. She loves to be with us and lets us know when we need to give her some lovin'. She's a great mom and loves to play ball, swim, go for car rides & walks. Her hips are OFA rated "Good".

For those of you who don't know...Sophie is getting near retirement age so we brought Lily in to take over. They are completely different personalities. We love layed back and loyal. She caused us very little grief as far as chewing goes.... although I think some of her puppies may have. Lily on the other hand has eaten some of the plaster off the hallway wall and chewed some moldings, chewed on my kitchen table and chair legs & destroyed a couple of throw rugs. Just as much as she makes us want to pull out our hair (or hers!) she makes us laugh with her fun personality and silly antics.  

Lily's a very social gal who loves to interact and is eager to learn. She sits with her head cocking from one side to the other as if she's listening intently to every word we say. If I was patient enough I could probably teach her English. She also loves to cross her front legs when she's lying down...making her look like such a lady. Every morning she has her routine. She goes outside and sits beside the front walk watching traffic go by. She gets really excited when people walk by and runs along side a safe distance from the fence boundary. She'll hang out for an hour just being entertained with the morning traffic and passerbyers. It's her spot...where we find all her "treasures". One time after a windy storm that had taken branches down, I told my husband, Sven, "if we wait long enough Lily will gather all the sticks and take them to her little 'treasure yard' beside the front sidewalk and we can gather them up from there." We're trusting just as Sophie had some "mischievious" puppies Lily will have some calm puppies.

Lily & Sophie



Maddie's Hip Results

9 weeks


 Standard size 63#, Maddie is very sweet fun -lovin' She loves to play and wants to be close to her humans. Her hips are Penn Hip rated . Scroll down to see Hip info.